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How Often Do You Go For Checkups?

Good morning world,
How did your friday go? Did you club all night, hanged out with friends, saw a life band (my favorite), Or stayed at home like I did?  Whichever i hope you did what made you happy?.
Well, this post today is prompted by my visit to the hospital few days ago.
I wasn't feeling too well and decided to see a doctor because everybody was on my neck i had to co-operate for peace to reign (lolz).
While having a chat, the doctor asked me when was the last time i got checked up?  I smiled and quickly said Dr i rarely fall sick so i don't need a check up..
My pipo that was how the lecture started o. I was told one hundred and one reasons why i shouldn't wait to be ill before going for a check up.. So trust mua as a sharp babe *sideeyes i quickly did a research and i got some few points which I'm going to be sharing with us.
So if you are like me that feels that you need to fall sick as in verrrrrry sick before you see a doctor, you aren't doing yourself any good it's time you have a rethink.

To have a trendy lifestyle, even if your health is seemingly good, some tests can help you avoid a few serious problems in the future.
Most people these days don't see the need to get frequent medical testing because of their limited time and routine between work and family. The truth is frequent screening can save you a lot of long-term issues.

Read the following tips to get the most out of your health and medical testing.

Beginning at 20 years-old:

– Get a skin check-up at the dermatologist

How frequently? Once a year.

Do it right: Remove all makeup and cosmetics, and avoid deodorant. Your doctor will need to see every section of your skin without hindrances.


How frequently? Test at least once a year.

Do it right: Practice yoga instead of cardio on test day. Intense exercise can influence changes in the LDL cholesterol reading.

Blood Pressure

How frequent?: Check at least once every two years.

Do it right: Skip coffee before your appointment. Caffeine can increase your blood pressure during the exam.

Pap (a test to detect pre-cancerous  and cancerous cells)

How frequently?: At least once every three years. After 30, every three to five years.

Do it right: Avoid pelvic exams during menstruation. 

From 30 years-old:

HPV Test

How frequently? Once every three or five years.

Do it right: Stay away from lubricants within the three days before the test. They can mask the detection of abnormal cells.

From 40 years-old:


How frequently? Every one or two years.

Do it right: Ask the doctor to include an ultrasound examination of your breasts. They are better for detecting changes in dense tissue.

#behealthwise, #behealthconscious, #letstakecareofourbody.

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  1. Hope you better now? We all have the mentality that untill we sick them we see the doctor

  2. It's good to go for checkup often cos dere r so many hidden things abo

    1. It's good to go for checkup often cos dere r so many hidden things about our health we don't know of. Checkup is really important. How r u feeling now?

  3. This is helpful. I am also guilty of this.
    I hope this article will change my life

  4. I rarely go for medical checkups because I rarely fall ill. But I'll do that before this month runs out. Thanks for sharing this, and get well NOW. lol....

  5. Only when I fall sick which is like once or twice in a year.. thank God for that. Generally don't like anything that has to do with medical and I thank God because I rarely ever find myself there. Thanks anyway and I hope you wake up feeling stronger.

  6. But Gloria, you're not the person in the picture above na. And you don't appear to me like someone that will fall ill in the next hundred years. All the same, I have to imbibe the attitude of always seeing a doctor for a medical check up/diagnosis. Health is wealth,you know.

    1. Lolz am not the person in the picture.. To your prophecy i say amen.

  7. If you neglect your health while in pursuit of wealth,strangers and even enemies will be the people to benefit when you die...ara ra ndu kpaa aku,onye iro erie! Be wise,stay fit and healthy

  8. This is very informative. Thank you. I'll try to do check ups more often. Health is wealth!

    Molola's Blog

  9. This is such a timely reminder! I am past due several check ups and annual tests. I need to get on it! Hope your neck is feeling better. T.


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