Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Here Comes The New "She"(Caitlyn Jenner) .

A . . Hello .. I am Mr A can i be on to Mr Bruce Jenner please?
B.. Wrong number Mr Bruce no longer exists.
A... What happened? Was he sick? How did he die?
B... He is not dead he has changed to a woman.
A... Whaaaaaat??? Is he magician?
Phone cuts......

Hey people how are you all doing? Who's having a light schedule and would want to chat?
Now i know you all know what's trendy on social media now as in right now?
Okay who haven't heard of the old man that change into being a woman recently? who haven't heard of Caitlyn Jenner?

Hmmm why does anything that has to do with the Kardashians always have to be dramatic? Okay i know he wasn't a full blood Kardashian and that herself/himself and Kris had divorced awhile ago but his story won't be complete without making reference to the Kardashians right?..
This latest transition from a he to a she has got me thinking real hard. We have a lot of explanation to do to the younger generation. We have to tell them that it is biblically wrong for a man to wakeup one day and embark on the journey of being a woman.

The problem i have with this is that in the next 10 years, the percentage of men in circulation will drop drastically.. Lol
Will Caitlyn have a boyfriend now, will the new Caitlyn have a monthly flow, will she also double as a father to his children? So he will also struggle weavons and makeups with us? Will he wear a Louboutin heels? it's just me and my thoughts o.

I hear he is the most popular on social media right now and see me oo that's been working hard to get good traffic i still dey sit down look. So does it mean the society supports weird things?
Who is with me on this one? Let's chat..


  1. Life is what you make it. I respect his wishes to be what he wants to be.

    1. Look who we have here *dancing shoki *just when i thought you have forgotten about TLB.. Thanks for visiting again..

  2. My dear, all these questions are begging for answers. Don't know who will help us with the answers we need. What a world we live in!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Maybe you should change to a 'He', get a magazine cover and abundant traffic might just come your way...... LOL!!

    To each his/her own o jare......

  5. He has the support of his fam and that's all that matters.. let him enjoy womanhood.

  6. BTW I myself am on a journey to become a man... Waiting for nigeria government to use tax payer money to sponsor d transition... And she looks good even better than kris

    1. Tax payer money ke oyah your waiting just starting lol.. Hmmmmm please you people should not allow Kris go under the knife again o. It may not favor her ooo.

  7. Well,you must first of all understand that westerners have this sense of humor that defeats the African way of thinking. What appears strange to us may be very normal to them, vice versa. And as William Shakespeare pointed out in Hamlet, "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so."

  8. i detest anything about Kardashians or jenners,must they be in the news for wrong amnd immoral things,like what owengee said ,that when Akon wanted to start his electricity project in Africa people didnt encourage him,but when bruce transitioned to a female he had millions of fellowers.
    what exactly is the world supporting?smh

  9. Well... He looks better than he did a few weeks back. Hopefully, he is happy now. :) T.

  10. Bolatito, evil has more supporters than good

  11. I wonder how people will wake up one day and say they want to change their sex...

  12. You don see am na. People now question God's decision to create them as either as male or female.

  13. @Gloria, I no understand wetin dey happen here oooo, Put me through, i wanna catch-up with the chats!


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