Thursday, 18 June 2015

Guest Post ::My University Certificate (pt1)....

This interesting post was sent in by a blog visitor (Dedicated to all the unemployed graduates in Nigeria).

What future do I envisage to have without earning a living? When I spent years in the institution of higher learning:
Studying to get the knowledge to impart
On my country when I finally depart from the university and they require my services.
To remedy her perpetual crisis…
I passed through hell in the hands of my lecturers; I did many unthinkable things to get marks, To get the certificate, that little paper made from wood.
That would assure me of a future where I would Sleep in a magnificent mansion without a mouse…
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.

My parents borrowed to make sure I was educated: Mother sold her belongings believing I followed where education led.
Father was in debt because of me and could not move with ease.
They sold their only parcel of land just to pay my school fees. Relatives insisted the money should have been used to open a shop for me; where taxis would hover outside for my customers to pick a drop.
I would have stayed in the shop and sip my tea; But I insisted on education and they obliged me. I wanted to study and not be a louse…
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.


I never disobeyed my lecturers in school:
No, I always maintained my cool. I paid attention to their lips and did not even pay attention to the female lecturers’ hips
I copied verbatim what they wrote in their handouts…
But I could as well stayed back in my father's house.

When I was awarded a Second Class Upper, I thought it only remained for me to become a Corper and i devoted twelve months in service to my fatherland;
To necessitate my having the upper hand
In the labour market where graduates
Congregate and look for jobs with their mates.
I finally got the certificate to serve my nation and proceeded to the N.Y.S.C. camp to obey the constitution.
I bore everything dished out to me and suffered many blackouts…
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.

The camping finished after three weeks
And everyone heaved a sigh of relief from the derelict called soldiers; who were supposed to help train us, but instead did everything possible to maim and torture us…all in the name of Preparing us for the future where everything is tough.
The school they sent me to teach “Government” Was just another gimmick of those in the parliament.
I didn’t mind sitting in the classroom that was under a mango tree, and dedicating my time to teach, for free.
The children I pitied and dissuaded from being louts…
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.


Rain and sun met me and the students there: We couldn’t leave even if we decided to dare… I dedicated everything to make sure I gave them my all in all.
The progress of my fatherland was uppermost in my mind.
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.


One’s good deeds never go unrecognized.
So I was always happy looking at students’ eyes and seeing they showcased my good deeds to the world, and the Principal confirmed this with an award.
But I was beleaguered by my fellow Corp members for being awarded the best among the Youth Corp members
Serving in Ehugbo Secondary School, Ozizza.
But I didn’t mind them because I was doing my fatherland proud;
Without caring if there was a cloud
In their faces.
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.

Thanks for sending in this post will put up the other next week..


  1. This is creative and sadly that's the lot of many graduates. It just makes you think if education is worth it after all

  2. Azzzzzz in am a living witness....i can relate with some of the words in that post. Even with my struggled 2:1, still hussling for a job

    Naija no try at all. The painful aspect is after rigorous tests and interviews of different stages, and you feel like you have gotten the job, you just don't hear from them again...

    Some are on Merit while they just employ some from nowhere. God is watching and I know our hardwork will pay someday....

    Our leaders don't have us in mind at all but am just glad majority of youths are now starting something on their own....We will get there

    @molola for your mind, you be FTC abi???lemme start my leave and it's see who takes the whole FTCs in blogosphere

  3. Hmmmm! Very pathetic. Na God go help us in this Naija.

  4. With all this stuffs naija graduates go through one would have to wonder if education is really key to success

  5. Really sad at the situation on nigeria...dats why i dont blame doss that jump into business without going to school..they are making it but sadly we need education

  6. That's the kind of country we find ourselves in. After spending so much money and time in education, you begin to wonder if going to school is worth it at all. It is well

  7. i can relate with this post! its so sad
    i dont hunt for jobs anymore,i rather look for competent client to work for,even the meagre salary they pay young lawyers is pathetic.
    God have mercy

  8. It happens. Have a handwork on your right hand and a certificate on your left and you are good.


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