Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Guest Post: Communication Is The Key..

Good morning TLB nation.
I got this interesting article from a very dedicated blog reader and i feel i should share with you. This guy has really been of great support and i feel blessed to know that Trendy Living Blog is being appreciated..
So ladies get in here there's a word for us..

Ladies,if you're in a relationship,keep it going. Don't keep jumping from one guy to another in the name of searching for a perfect guy. There is no such thing as a perfect guy. Despite their imperfections, some men married the women that were ready to tolerate them and they have that understanding going between them.

Communication is what matters in a relationship. If he exhibits some traits you don't like,talking about it is the right thing to do. But you should be careful the way you go about it. Men don't like being stampeded into doing what they don't like or being forced to change overnight...just to please you. Point out the advantages he stands to gain by his actions. Don't let him think he has to change to please you. For instance,if he drinks more than a fish,try and find out why. Was he drinking before he met you and why? Is it to forget some sad experience? Now that you are here,he should let go and focus on the positive aspect of life. He should not live in the past: life has many good things to offer him. Apart from saving money (a bottle of beer costs between #200 to #300,apart from other alcoholic drinks that will cost you thousands of naira), he will be doing himself a lot of good by avoiding drinking in order to escape from some health conditions that are occasioned by alcohol. Kidney failure is one of them and very risky for someone that drinks a lot. So point this out to him and help him in your prayers. But if you're the reason why he's drinking,then it is high time you took a second look at yourself and your role in the relationship. Do you want the relationship to work out? Then take stock of the things you're not doing right and make an attempt at changing them. For instance,men don't appreciate a lady that nags. We are guilty of keeping the house in disarray. Many men don't like being bothered with hanging up their trousers after undressing or changing into a clean shirt after shower,the remote control can remain on the settee for all they care. Many men thinks that it is the duty of the woman to take care of the house as long as they provide the money for the running of the house. If you're married or in a relationship with such a man,then learn to be diplomatic about the way you talk to him about it. Don't nag him. State your displeasure as quietly as possible and let him change at his own will. Tell him in a gentle voice that he would be helping you a lot in taking care of the house if he did this or that. An understanding man will see reasons with you and do your wish if you chose not to nag him about it. But if you adopt the latter option,his ego will flare up and tempers will rise,and before you know about it,minor quarrels will degenerate into irreconcilable differences. Trust me,not many men will admit that they are wrong especially when it comes to taking care of the house. So,learn to be diplomatic and not nag.

If he smokes like a chimney,it is no excuse for you to abandon him. Talk about it with him. Are you doing something he doesn't like to necessitate his smoking to take his mind away from thinking? Or is it a habit he formed over the years? Sweetheart,talking helps. Talk to him about it. Talk it over with him. Is he not aware of the health implications of smoking? Lung cancer,for instance,is one of the diseases suffered by chain smokers. He will be doing himself a lot of good and saving himself from grief if he desists from engaging in such bad habits. Point out the health implications to him. Doesn't he want to live longer and train his kids? It may be hard for him because he is addicted to the nicotine content of cigarettes. He needs being assured that he's not inferior. He's a superman,a hero. He is special and dear to you. Assure him that he will overcome the habit with counseling and prayers. But leaving him to his vices is not the best option. Every guy has a soft spot. No matter how hard he may appear,he has this special weakness for you that can be exploited to advantage if you want him to pay attention to you.

If you've been in a relationship for a long time,you should be able to know your man inside out. Fortunately,ladies are keen observers and a lady should be able to tell a mile off that her man is not in the best of moods and can work him into the right mood by exploiting any known weakness of his.

In conclusion,no matter the situation you find yourself in a relationship,you can succeed with perseverance and communication. As James Hadley Chase would say, there is always a solution to any problem if you look and think hard enough.


  1. Communication is indeed needed in a relationship,but sometimes its best to keep those thought to yourself

  2. Yes, I agree with you. Many ladies are single today because of the problem of tolerance.

  3. very well said

  4. Well said! Communication is one of the keys to a lasting relationship.

  5. So true.. but of course communication doesn't come cheap..

  6. Replies
    1. Hehehe @dickson where art thou been?

  7. even in marriage,communication is key

  8. I love this post,
    Gloria, abeg help Tell them oooo!


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