Friday, 5 June 2015


Hello world!!!!
How is the weekend going already? You all have read the LESSON OF THE WEEK  I suppose?. 
So in the spirit of 'Honesty' i gat a few stuffs to share..
Read and be blessed...... Lol

The starting point to getting it right in a relationship is making honesty your watchword.

The pictures you sent him /her, how recent are they?  It is deceptive to keep uploading the old pictures to a potential partner...
Sisi, your looks five years ago is different from your looks now.

The age you are claiming, is that really your age? I feel that the he need to under-age one's self is borne out of a deep seated insecurity.... Otherwise, you should realize that it is not only young people that have good relationship prospects...biko there is someone for everyone whether young or old.
Find someone who is comfortable enough with whatever age you are. A friend once said age falsification is 'editing' and not 'lying' hmmmm.
The age falsification thing use to be a thing with the ladies but now men lie through their teeth about their age too.

It's always good to be honest about your age, especially in 'serious relationships'  because a lot of things (e.g reproduction) may be hinged on it.
Always let whoever you are getting involved with know what he/she is getting into. Don't expect to reap unconditional love where you have sown so much lies and deceit;resentment is what you will likely reap.

There is no need for desperation of 'under aging'  one's self in a bid to 'net' a partner; What will be will be. Don't start by manipulating your way through things...
"Anything you have to manipulate to get is rarely yours to keep ".

Always endeavor to start on an honest slate-with whoever. If he/she doesn't want you someone else will.

You want a 'working class' lady?  I hope you are employed? because working class to some men seems to be synonymous with a woman that will be picking my bills.

You want a 'matured man' I hope you are not looking for a man to live on? 'Mature man' to a lot of ladies means 'a loaded older guy'.

A lady is most likely to have caring as the number one quality she desires in a man but few of them recognizes such men when they come across them because he probably has not shown up in the latest wonder on heels and slap them left, right and center with cool cash.. Hmmm whoever told you that caring is how much money a man can give you? One who wants you for a one night pleasure gives money too remember!!!.

Ofcourse giving is part of being caring but there is the gift of attention, honour, kind gesture, respect, selflessness, time, before material gifts.

A lady shared her experience with me recently.  She said that the man that made the effort to show her care (in every sense of the word)  is even the guy that she almost never gave a chance to because (according to her) he didn't seem good enough. But he turned out to be the most economically stable (with a solid source of livelihood). She said that whenever she is with him, she keeps pinching herself to remind herself of what she would have missed had she not listened to that tiny voice urging her to give him a chance.. That's the man she took one look at his pictures and blurted 'I don't like him!'.

How can you like someone you have not even given the chance to come close???.

Have a fatalistic friday you all..

Coming up later to give you a good delicacy for the weekend *winks...


  1. Women don die because they are guilty of this,lol!

  2. Hnmmmmmmmm! All ye age falsifiers, come over here and read this post. Have a very good Friday too Glo

  3. Lmao the one about the old picture ehn. I'm so guilty. It's because I don't know how to look fine in pictures again do I just send old ones. But you're right, one should be honest about these things

  4. Yes honesty is one of the building blocks for a beautiful relationship. Nice Gloria

  5. I still send guys my picture from 4years ago... Its not because am old , its because taking pictures is tiring for me.

    Love the write up

  6. I have someone very close that is guilty of this. Lolz
    Always giving fake age to her potential suitors even to her female friends. I don't really understand her


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