Thursday, 25 June 2015

A Note To My Brothers....

Hello lovelies, how did it go yesterday and the week so far? I believe some contracts have been signed and sealed, some folks don get alert because na Godwin. lolz.
Thanks guys for checking up on me yesterday.

Something weighs heavily on my mind, one that breaks my heart actually and that is the fact that a lot of our men have lost faith in our ladies.
Going by certain remarks that filters to one's hearing, it is not difficult to declare that most of our men are ever ready to believe the worst about our ladies and that is disturbing.

A friend that never seemed to see anything good about Nigerian ladies complained to me recently that he is finding it difficult to settle down.
I asked why he can't go for a foreign woman since he is based abroad. He looked at me as if I have gone nuts. So, i explained that what is happening to him is not far fetched... You can never get the best out of what you continually denigrate.

Yes, values are being thrown to the dogs at a scary rate but it is most unfair to conclude that every lady out there is the same because of one or two unfortunate experiences you may have had in the past.
There are a lot of single ladies that will make one ask are men blind?. I have come to realize that a lot of men will not even recognize what they think they want - when they come across it. Hence, it is not advisable for a man to remain single for a long time... Once he gets used to seeing his cup (figuratively) the way he left it. Sharing his space with another becomes a  huge challenge, he will always feel invaded /find faults.
Another thing that doesn't count well is for a man  "playing the field " too much. It's almost impossible for such men to settle down-happily, because while playing the field, all the "good ladies" he ought to have given a serious consideration, moved on.
I call such men 'Jerry boy'. He is still single while the children of his mates are already leaving the University. 'Jerry boy' keeps showing up at the marriage anniversary of his (long) married friends with different ladies. The marital institution is not meant for everybody though.

It's always good to make deliberate efforts to nip certain lifestyles in the bud.
Some men (especially those abroad) complain that our ladies do not date 'the man' but 'his pocket'.
Well, to an average Nigerian woman, a man's generosity is synonymous with love and whoever that has a problem with that should study our culture closely. It imprint in a woman that her welfare is t help responsibility of the man and truth be told, there's no woman that will not prefer (deep down) a man that can cater for her regardless of her economic standing.
I am of the opinion that providing for a woman and protecting her 'are the two things that can give a man' natural authority 'over his woman.
It also boils down to how much you like a woman. I mean if the fondness is the Remi you won't even mind parting with your last kobo to make her happy... except you are stingy. Even a stingy man has that someone that can loosen his palms.

A word is enough for the brothers lolz.
Do have a blessed Thursday you all.
Article originally written by Chukwuneta Oby.


  1. Don Jazzy, Dbanj and all these chronic bachelors should read this! Many ladies are tired of being single, the men should come and free them from misery,lol

    1. hahahahahahah! your comment is funny

  2. Leave them let them keep playing cos they think they can marry at any age.. But yet they dnt know that they hurting themselves badly

  3. Please tell them. Even the younger guys now see the need to settle down, it like these old people don't see settling down as being necessary or what? Don't they have shame???

  4. Real talk! Some men have got to read this...This is true...

    Hiya mami!!! Muah!

  5. I sent you an email. Please address the issue Thanks.

  6. I hope the guilty ones are reading this piece. 'Agbayas' that want to keep sampling ladies of different shapes

  7. Nice rytup @gloria... And tnx for stopping by @my blog earlia today, I apprc8..

  8. Gloria leave them. That's how they will end up looking like great grand father to their very own child because of the age difference

  9. Erella this your mouth na fire and brimstone,lolz


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