Monday, 8 June 2015

(18+)...Who Should Be Blamed?

Hello Dearies,
How are you all doing? How was service yesterday? Hope your weekend went well? Ain't you feeling that this is going to be a very busy month? Or is it just me? Because my weekend was full of activities.My own is that money should come alongside the activities lol.
So i didn't want to talk about men/women or relationship this week o. But as usual people like looking for my trouble and it's not in my DNA to be quiet over issues like this..

So i was having a discussion with a friend during the weekend and before you know it, the gist shifted to the issue of who takes the blame for the husband's infidelity in marriage.. Mehnnnn come and see defending o(ofcourse he is a man) this guy insisted that the woman is the cause of any act of adultery a husband engaged in.. Mehnnnn I was  angry and I sparked (lol) the guy too bow..

For crying out loud it makes absolutely no sense the way society and even our very own cultures have put the responsibility of faithfulness in marriage solely on the wives.
I have read several articles and posts on how wives should give their husbands more sex so that their husbands will not go elsewhere seeking it. (I am not against that). But does anybody realize what these articles and posts are insinuating?

Basically what's being said is that men have absolutely no self control and cannot be faithful to one woman for life UNLESS the wife gives him sex and more sex anytime wants it.
In other words, in order for men to be faithful in marriages, the wives have to be their "sexual machine" so that faithfulness
can abound in the marriage. Does anybody see a problem with this? This means men's faithfulness depends on what their wives do or do not do. Therefore, If the wife isn't in the mood for sex, the husband has the "societal" right to commit "rightful" adultery. SMH!
As funny as this sounds, this is how
faithfulness in marriage is viewed by MANY today.
The worse is, if a man commits adultery, the questions many ask the wife is, "What did YOU do to drive him into the arms of another woman or Were you not giving him enough sex"? Gooshhh
I believe husbands should take full responsibility for their fidelity.
Whether their wives gives them enough sex or not.

As children of God we all have the fruits of the spirit and one of the fruit is the fruit of self control.
If you genuinely love your spouse and you have self control it will be difficult to cheat on him /her under any circumstance.
Husbands, please do not depend on your wives to keep your fidelity in check. Instead depend on the fruit of self control in you.
Do not fall for the lie society has given to men in justifying infidelity.
Be truly faithful to your wives regardless of what societal or cultural norms say. It's
time to stop putting the blame on wives for husbands act of infidelities and lack of self control.
Though it's true wives should not deprive their husbands sexually, but there is absolutely no excuse in committing adultery, justifying it and then joining society in blaming wives for your unfaithfulness.
Kpekemmmm (in Dumebi's voice).

Have a blessed week you all..


  1. Well, you have said it all, men don't av two head, so dey shud stop cheating women and stilp push d blame to us, its jes in their DNA

  2. men..their issues is plenty..Men should also take the blame for cheating..

  3. Depends on the situation. Though no man should blame his wife for his infidelity but women should know they have a role to play in these things

    Molola's Blog

  4. The men should be blamed because their infidelity atimes makes the women to retaliate. I'm not in support of any woman who cheats though. I detest it.

  5. I am just gonna say this...People cheat because they can...whether a man gets sex 24 times in a day, if he is gonna cheat, he will..simple!

    Muah mami!

  6. Well written, Sweet glo. It takes a man who truly loves and fears God to say NO to adultery. It also takes grace. God help our marriages.

    Read similar article: SEX is a Form of Play (18+ post) :)

  7. It takes d grace of God, also d men should learn to always zip up nd control demselves. Women should also learn to do dere part wen it comes to bedroom matter too. Nice one Glo.

  8. It takes d grace of God, also d men should learn to always zip up nd control demselves. Women should also learn to do dere part wen it comes to bedroom matter too. Nice one Glo.

  9. Well,in Africa,we have this belief that a man can do ANYTHING and get away with it.. The society does not see anything wrong with a man having as many sex partners as he can afford. But if a woman is seen discussing with another man,the natural instinct is that they are involved in a sexual relationship and hence she must convince the husband 'beyond reasonable doubt' that she's still faithful to him by withdrawing into her cocoon. Quite a pity that our society is so much on the side of the man when it comes to the issue of adultery.

  10. Thanks Gloria, lemme reserve my comment on this issue because i am not yet married before men see me run...hehe

  11. even if the wife is a sex machine,men will still is only a man who has the fear of God that wont hurt his wife,remember pastors also cheat on their spouse.

  12. Muah *kisses*, My Gloria!
    This Is Well Written!, Not Married Though!


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