Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Power Of A Thank You.

Hi lovelies happy children's day to us... Ehenn Ehenn why the face? Ain't we all children to our parents? Federal government is partial o this holiday is supposed to be for everybody lol.
In the spirit of the children's day celebration i want us to  gist and this is how the gist is-:
Based on who i am (*winks), i was invited sometime ago to meet with some students and give them a lecture on ethics. And the only thing I could think of to speak on was "The Power Of A Thank You" .. Mehnnnn the teens were soooooo happy when i introduced the topic. Guess what? Some of them said when they run errands for their parents/guardians they don't get a please or a thank you as a way of appreciation. I heard different views that day and i was glad some wounds were healed.
Now to our gist......
Think about how it feels when someone is rude to you or insult you. It sure doesn't have a  pleasant feeling.
I was amazed that despite the fact that kids expressed the magic words of please and thank you sincerely, the teenagers stretched the word p_l_e_a_s_e to express rudeness.
If children could exhibit correct behavior, then at what point did they lose it as teenagers or as adults?.
From teenagers to even adults (married men and women alike) some of us do not feel the need to use the word please or thank you for the younger ones. Just like our Africa culture, we believe that it is the younger one that should accord respect to the older.
Regardless of age, class or status, something that I know is that respect is reciprocal. Good manners are not just for children but also for adults.
There is no end to learning manners. An adult should not think he's a dry fish, and any attempt to unbend him will just break him up. We are very flexible and therefore should be able to accommodate whatever change that we desire.
No one is ever too old, too young, or mature, to express true kindness and appreciation.
No matter what progress we make in life, whether at home or at work, we get assistance from people in doing our job. And a job well done means we need to look around us and see who made it possible. It could be our children, spouses, parents, siblings, domestic assistants or drivers, etc.. that means the more people they are who helped us to achieve our goals, the more we need to let them know they are being appreciated for what they do. If such persons don't feel appreciated or recognized, their enthusiasm for work may go down.
The unfriendly boss or father who is too busy to see how hard every one else is working should know that it's just a matter of time before his team loses enthusiasm.

To be appreciated is one of the greatest needs of human beings. It is also a sure way to boost and harness self-esteem. Showing gratitude demonstrates that we value courtesy and good manners. Saying thank you for something we received no matter how small it's a great way to communicate . It promotes good health and a successful lifestyle.
I would encourage everyone of us to never under estimate the power of a thank you. Appreciate every person you meet even if it is only with a eye contact, a nod or smile.
Children too also feel good when they are being appreciated with a thank you.. Come out from that tradition that demands respect only from a certain group of persons.
Learn to say please and thank you to others and it shall be reciprocated to you also.
Take time to acknowledge and extends courtesy to someone today...

Happy children's day to meeeeeeeee.


  1. Thank you for this gloria, so true and on point

  2. Wow! So inspiring, I learnt something new from this post today, Kudos To You Gloria,
    I say; THANK YOU for this post...

  3. it's good to appreciate people's effort..whether you a child or parent,employer or employee

  4. I love saying 'Thank You' alot...I mean, how hard can those two words be?

  5. There is this inner joy you derive when someone says 'THANK YOU' to you for whatever thing you did for him/her. Even to little children, I've always learned to say those words. Thanks for sharing Glo

  6. Thank you sweet Glo! ayam a children!

  7. U make sense a lot. Thank u

    1. Thanks uncle am soooooo elated to have you here..

  8. Most adults are guilty as charged, like they think it's their right to boss you around without saying please or thank you. Nigerian men especially should attend etiquette class, hope they learn better.
    This morning bcos dh saw a mosquito in the living room he said am not taking care of the house, I was! ! is that how to appreciate my effort ..chai, Niger husband we hail thee

    1. Lolz aunt Tito you are hilarious! It’s is always articles of this nature I wish the whole world could see and learn.. some people feel because of their age, status and wealth, they should never use words such as please, excuse or thank you. That's so wrong. Courtesy demands we say these no matter how small or big the person may be. Well I truly hope more people read this and see the light.

    2. Thanks to you all for your contributions.
      Love ya plenty.


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