Saturday, 23 May 2015

Single Not Married Soooooo???

Hi TLBers i love love you all for your contributions and acceptance. I am super thankful to God also, for giving me the grace to follow my passion. I have come to meet an online family that relate with me like they have known me for ages. Words cannot describe how happy i am to have you on TLB.

I had an experienced recently that I  want to share with you all..

You see am still amazed as to why a woman is seen or described as a prostitute when she boards the plane, makes expensive hairs and carries expensive gadgets with her hard earned
When she walks into a hotel, or goes to a club without a man or worse still has a car of her own...the conclusion is always obvious! You hear people say all sort of crazy like..she sleeps around with politicians bla bla bla! Am not saying this set of ladies do not abound but for God sake there are clean ladies with legitimate cash out there who work hard to get a good life. Are you now saying such cannot spoil herself with her hard earned money?

I have a friend who has refused to buy a car because she thinks people will describe her has a "runs girl".
A woman who stays single till age 30 is described as "cursed, failed and unfulfilled woman", but a man who stays till age 40 is not described that way...everyone believes he is a man who has not found the woman of his dreams yet...hmmmm arrrrrrg

A woman is described a whore if she isn't a virgin. but how do we know the man who is not a virgin?
Just last week, a childhood friend of mine took me out for a birthday dinner...and when we entered the restaurant, the security man at the entrance said "welcome madam" (referring to me) , he obviously did not even notice my frnd!
After our time at the fastfood, my friend (still a single) paid for everything we ate and surprisingly again the waitress said "Thank you madam for your patronage" she was again not acknowledged! All because I had a wedding band and she doesn't arrrrrrrrrg. What Mentality???.

Why does the society thinks that an unmarried lady living a good life is a whore? As a single girl once in awhile we go out to have fun without a man. We listen to life band, sometimes swimming, cinema etc. Has that made me a bad girl? NOOOOO.
Please there are singles who are hard working. Let's allow them have the good life they deserve.

Catch ya later


  1. It's really crazy to see single ladies being labelled whore in our society simply because they're not married. Some people just believe that marriage is the ultimate. Mtcheeeeeew

  2. thats the kind of society we live in! we are too quick to judge and again come to think of it those single ladies living large if they aint working even if they are,they have this old man who is paying her bills.and as a sharp lagos girl who knows wassup and wants to keep up with social media she will accept.
    we just have to accept it jawe,afterall you cant start knocking from doors to doors to explain you have a legitimate job.let those who believe you believe and others should go to blazes.

  3. You wont blame them its because the majority of the girls are politicians or old men sponspored that's why their negativity rubs off on other legit girls...

  4. Hmm... The society believes what they see...
    They hardly see the rainbow

  5. Hiya can't change peoples' perception bout you...I mean, do not even attempt to cuz it would be an EPIC fail...Live your life for YOU not the next person...

  6. If u want to be affected by wat pple say or will say about you, den u aint existing. Shun all the hear-says and live ur life to the fullest. I love my life cos I dont give a damn about wat u r saying about me.

  7. People are so judgemental nowadays! I also say do what pleases you because people will always talk no matter what!! Thanks for the visit.

  8. Things is, if you have money and still do not spent it...they will still talk.

    Best thing is...stop listening

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    1. Awwww thanks Pat and super thanks for leaving me all by myself. *sadface

  9. But we can't deny the fact that the runs girl who sleep with them politicians and old papa are more in number to legit hard working girls.. but still you can't always live your life to please public eye because People will always talk, just live your life like no one is watching.


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