Monday, 4 May 2015


Hi lovelies how is your new week going?
It promises to be a great week right? But the weather is no longer friendly. Ejoor rain should fall ooo.
I mentioned in my previous post that last week was very hectic for me right? Yes lovelies I had a training and it's been the best of all  trainings I have ever attended. And in this  post am going to talk about the lovely friends I made during that training.
Don't  know if am too emotional or who else have met some persons and you will want it to last forever? You will wish you had the power to hold back the time from going forward? Now that is exactly how I felt when I had to say goodbye. 

I met wonderful men and women whom I didn't know existed in real life thought such amazing people only existed in Nollywood.
I met one lovely lady I call her Aunty  Tracy she is lecturer it was as if I have known her all my life. There is Uncle Remy, Uncle Benedict, Uncle Christian etc these are actually the most intelligent and kind hearted person's I have ever seen. They are  simply amazing people and I hope they get to read this post just want to let them know that they impacted me positively in those few days we were together.
I couldn't hold back the tears from  flowing when I said the last goodbye.
I hope that we see again soon.
Uncle Benedict I told you I was going to tell my blog family about you because you took out time to lecture and help me in redesigning this blog alongside Immanuel Kish. So here's is to you. I do hope to meet you again soon.

What friend has impacted you positively? Please share with us in the comment section.


  1. "No Friend No Foes"

  2. Friends are the best. Some though.

  3. Friends are real and genuine when they are few..

  4. Friends make you feel you're not alone in the world.

  5. I can never forget these three people in my entire life: Karibo, Paul and Beatrice. They are my friend from my undergraduate years in school. I really do miss them like madt.

  6. Do I have friends? I discovered that I have friends because of what they can gain from me but now they achieved and they are gone. After my wedding, I don't do friend friend with anybody except my husband and some new people i just met. So no friend

  7. True friends are hard to find these days. I keep just a few.

  8. True friends are hard to find these days. I keep just a few.

  9. Thanks you all for your contributions.


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