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Kissing My Boyfriend Is Difficult : What Do I Do?

Dorothy is a very pretty girl. She has her first degree in mass communication from a reputable University in this country. She's also got a good job with a good pay. By all standard, Dorothy has got an enviable life. And to crown it all she's got a man whom she loves dearly going by the way she went on and on about her man, only a girl truly in love will do that.
We got talking and I  discovered that she isn't the happy girl that she is supposed to be I mean amongst her friends she's gotten the best and most rewarding job.
In my thoughts i presume that men will be fighting over themselves just to get her attention..
Why I was still trying to know why a girl this beautiful with a beautiful life will be unhappy, she broked down in tears.
Aunty why me, why I can't i be completely happy, why must it be now, why why must it be Dapo?  Dorothy why you what?  I seem to be lost why the many whysss?
Aunty yes i am supposed to be a happy so everyone thinks. Yes i have a relationship and I love Dapo.
Aunty Dapo is a very nice man. He is all I ever wanted in a man. He treats me like a princess and he tells whoever cares to listen how much he loves me and wants to make me his wife soon. He has a great job too.
Before i met Dapo, I was in an abusive relationship ( i was shocked to hear that) that almost took my sanity. So you can imagine my joy when Dapo came into my life with a complete opposite of my last relationship. I  felt that God has compensated me for all the pains i went through from an abusive relationship which I vowed never to go back to at least not in this world or the next I was done being in bondage all in the name of a relationship.Dapo is the nicest of the few men I have dated.
I was getting curious so what is the problem Dorothy you seem to have the life every girl dreams of..
Aunty I can't kiss Dapo because he is got a very terrible mouth odour and what is romance if I can't kiss my boyfriend?, How do I put up with this? 
Hmmmm have you talked to Dapo about this? Yes I have. We have even gone to see a doctor and he is presently on some prescribed medications. But there seems to be no improvement.
So what do you want to do since you have accepted his marriage proposal?  Aunty am confused.
Do you mind if I published this on Trendy Living Blog so that you can get to read other people's opinion? Thanks Aunty I will appreciate that.

Hmmmmm TLBers so here am i this is the dilemma of Dorothy. What do you guys think she should do? 
We had this conversation yesterday but I have been too lazy to type i hope she forgives me for putting it up late.
Over to you my esteemed family what is your opinion.

Thanks for reading.

My opinion:
I thought love covers all things *coversface*


  1. Mouth odour? ???chai! Didn't you notice this before accepting his proposal? You are on your own
    I can't even stand odour I can't. I hope you find everlasting solution.

    1. lolz...... Latter people will said Am Bad oooo......... If am bad Mrs Bola Is ...........

    2. She just said her mind ni. You two should start a comedy show.. Lol

    3. hmmmmm.... ok ooo

      Let Me Consult The Orac*** First

  2. My dear, relax, it can be handled.
    Change his toothbrush and toothpaste. Let him use a more herbal toothpaste instead and make him brush at least twice a day. Try different herbal toothpaste until u know which is best for him.
    Ensure he changes his toothbrush every month too.
    Try this for a month and watch him. Kindly give us feedback, and remember Google is ur friend. Ask Google too. Don't mourn over nothing.

  3. Mouth odour is one bad thing i cant stand..sorry dearie..take him to the dentist to have a good wash,then other things follow

  4. I believe you can help him, as pams said ask google for possible solutions and then let him get mouth wash that has good mint smell and let him use it 3-4 times daily and he should always that all this mint sweet, I believe he would be better, its really a minor problem and if you help him, you guys can fight this together

  5. I agree with Pam tho. You can try to help him but if nothing works, please carry your bags oh.

  6. Hmmmm,mouth odour. Odikwa serious. I can't stand either mouth or body odour. Why did u accept his proposal when you knew so well he had mouth odour?

    Since you have accepted his proposal,it indicates that you have accepted him for who he is already, you can help him by taking him to the dentist for thorough flushing of the mouth, make sure he doesn't lack mouth wash and ensure that he licks either tomtom or baba blu every now and then

    Moreover,some couple that do not have mouth odour sef find it difficult kissing each other and their sex life is still perfect
    The ball is in your court

    1. I totally agree with you Jimmy and thanks for stopping by.

  7. Honestly don't know what to say but pls don't break ma guy's heart ...but I don't think there is. Nothing that can't be done ask people there are hell lotta good breath mouth washes u can get.

  8. I really don't know what I'd have done in that situation but I think dat shouldn't be the reason or enough reason to live cuz no one's perfect nd u aint guaranteed dat the next person u meet might be free of bad breath..well he might! But how about if he's got a stinking character. Truth is, its up to you hunny. If you truely aint happy nd u don't think you can deal den search fr ur happiness. But don't forget everyone has a bad smell of somthing cuz no one's perfect.

    1. Yeah and besides if he seems willing enough to put an end to it and its not working, then you should know that at least he showed some concern because of you.. see stand with him each time he brushes his teeth. If possible teach him bit by bit how to wash the teeth well. I pray it all work out well for you both in the end.

    2. Lolz Rella stands with him each time he brushes?

    3. Thanks Sophie for your contributions.

  9. Thanks to you all. Dorothy has been the one giving me updates on comments lol she is so excited that there is hope for her. I pray this marriage come to pass. It would be TLB marriage of the year. I urge everyone out there don't pass through that challenge alone share with someone you may be surprised where your solution lies.

    Muaaaaah to my blog family

  10. Me as an individual, I can't deal with mouth odour abeg. How will I cope? Well, if you know you can't withstand the odour, it's high time you left for someone who'll make you happy.

  11. Personally I will not accept dat proposal in the first place. But since you ve accepted him, you guys shd continue with the medication & hope for the best. Good luck

  12. This type of mouth odour that require medications na wa... Me I don't have any solution sha.. Yall all have said it all

  13. Oh noooo....there are different kinds of mouth odour...there is the medical one, the self caused one and the one sent from your village. The self caused can be as a result of not brushing well or eating food that can cause your mouth to smell....the medical one due to infected gum or stomach ulcer and can be see the one from your village, oyo lo wa o. Just go and beg your cousin's sister brother nephew witch aunty to please forgive you...or go and see a cele pastor. ...just my own piece of advice...hehe

    1. Lolz drama queen this is a serious issue o but you got me ROTFL.. Hahahahaha. We will all go and beg for her.


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