Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Do Walls Really Have Ears?

Hi lovelies happy midweek to you all. How  has it been at your end? Please don't mind the picture it's just my own way of making you laugh it's not connected with the topic.
Will go straight to today's gist. How many of you have heard the phrase "walls have  ears"? and how many of you believe that phrase?

I remember an incident years ago where a friend confided in me and another friend. Later that week I heard the gist from someone else that wasn't there when we were having that conversation (we were just three that day). You can't imagine how shocked I was when I heard that person talking as if she was there on that day I was shocked and surprised.
The next week the news was trending among other of our friends which promted the owner of the gist(don't laugh o that's the best adjective i can think of) to call me and the other babe for questioning lolz .
Hmmmm I people if you see the show of denial this babe put up emm you won't have any other option than to conclude that I was the amebo and those days if I am not given the chance to express myself well I just start crying. So on this day I tried to deny that I didn't mention it to nobody but the more I deny the more the  real amebo girl try to  convince the gist owner that she was innocent. So you can imagine the tears.I cried like somebody died (remembering this story now its making me laugh) so when the real gbeboro saw that the tears was much, she now tried to calm the situation by saying that nobody should be blamed because walls have ears and may have probably let out the gist to others (see washing & scopping ).
I left that meeting with a huge lesson and a simple prayer the God should exposed the betrayal(am somebody that if you tell a secret be sure that if someone else's hears that means you told that person because I  will  NEVER tell another). After that incident, I kept to myself I felt betrayed and used and I always repeat that prayer to God.
My people it wasn't long before the breeze blow and exposed the anus of the chicken. This real amebo girl had a quarrel with another girl and that was the person that exposed her and I was vindicated.

My point is that walls don't have no ears. The phrase is used as a cover up Jare especially by persons that can't keep secrets.
Who else agrees with me?

Will put up the midweek teaser later and the answer to last week's teaser so stick around.
Love you all.

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  1. What if there was an eavesdropper? Then walls have surely grown huge ears, besides some walls are porous they can even help you amplify your voice, people outside will even hear you #nojokes oh so best is, know who you confide in, know how you throw your voice inside your house except you live in a 500 acres ranch with no neighbours and no nosy domestic staffs.

    1. 500 acres lol. Well said Lohla. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Am coming I need permission From The Iyalode Of Our KingDom Before I cOmment.

    *Bale Of Our KinGDom*

    1. Immanuel aka Bale of which Kingdom.

  3. Lol...u didn't complete it nw
    My mum wud say wall have ears na human being den dey call am
    Na person be the ear wall has.

    1. it's human beings my dear one event I can never forget.

  4. Truly, walls do have ears

  5. The walls are the human being jawe, some people have loose, mouth, they can't keep a secret. That's why nowadays I don't discuss about anything to any of my friend again. Co my best friend has a BFF that's why I chose hubby as my friend.

    1. @bola abi ooo. Thanks for your contributions.

  6. My dear let's not deceive our selves, human beings are the ears of the walls.

  7. Commy dear thanks for stopping by.


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