Monday, 18 May 2015

A Worse Addiction....

It was a relationship that we all thought was headed somewhere.  We (his friends) were most thrilled he was making a headway with somebody after his numerous failed attempts. Therefore, You can  imagine my shock when i saw him recently and asked after his fiancee and he said  to me that he has discontinued with her, that there's a spiritual downside to her family (even though she is cool). Sad that a very promising lead had to come to an abrupt end.  He went further to narrate how he asked a spiritualist to pray over the relationship and how he was told that anyone that marries into the family is not expected to live long. "
My surprise in this whole issue stems from the fact that the lady in question doesn't even have siblings that have been married and lost their spouses.  Also her parents have been married (for about 35years) and are still together and alive. How then did the  "spiritualist" verdict add up?.

It's my believe that the Almighty is gracious enough to reveal anything that will become an issue in a marriage long before the knots are tied. The signs are always there; just that some of us get too carried away to read the writings on the wall.
The grip these fake "spiritualist" have on their flock is so strong that it takes only divine intervention for their victims to gain freedom.
Imagine a scenario where woman with a very loving and comfortable husband abandons her home to seek refuge in ramshackled structure just because some "spiritualist" claimed she would be the next victim of her husband's money ritual. Mainwhile, this is a man she's known all her life and can actually tell how hard he works for his money. Or a man being told by a "spiritualist" that the wife has a spirit husband and that's is responsible for the man's business collapse. Sometimes such innocent women are being sent out of their matrimonial homes unjustly.
I believe in God's prophet 2chr 20:20 but I also believe in Ish61. Also a portion in the new testament that says as many that believe to them he has given POWER to become sons and daughters of God. Also the Bible says what I bind (not what my pastor binds) shall be bind in heaven. Hence, I always seek the face of God concerning issues of my life and God has been leading and directing my path. I seek spiritual advise if I  am not clear about a revelation (for God speaks to his children who are willing to listen).

I have had a situation where a man saw me (later learnt he is a spiritualist) and start talking rubbish that my first trip abroad failed and this one am about to make will work if I agree to perform some spiritual cleansing (see me o my people I never cross border once o) so i allowed him fool himself and live. There are good and genuine pastors out there but the issue these days is that people want who will tell them their future and past lives so they fall victims of fake prophets and spiritualist.

Personally, i don't encourage anybody that loves his /her peace of mind to go near "spiritualist" addict for counseling. Because such people can't take basic decisions without an express permission from spiritualist and for such people, someone is always after their lives. 
It is easier for an elephant to pass through the eye of a needle than it is to disentangle such people from the grips of spiritualist whom they even go to, more than they bother with God. And o yes they have a way of graduating from one spiritual involvement to another.

Hmmmm you don't want to imagine the resources that go into such efforts and you kind of wonder what the nature of the problem is that can't bow to God when you genuinely seek Him.

It's not only drugs, alcohol, etc that is an addiction. " Negative Spiritualism" is a more worrisome addiction which gradually and steadily messes up an individual's thought process that friends and families end up becoming enemies.

May God help us and give us wisdom to live a good life..


  1. Nice post Gloria, keep up the good work + Amen to your prayer.

  2. This is do true..its very bad when i see people jumping from my spiritual house to the other..they gotta be careful cos they don't knw what they are carrying up and down

  3. dear, it takes only the grace of God for every marriage to last in this our generation,.........women chasing shadow

  4. You have to learn to take control of your mind and not your mind controlling you.

  5. Amen ooo and people should stop chasing shadows and stay with God's word ( the real prophecy).

  6. Negative Spiritualism??? Lord have mercy!!!

  7. My sister, recess over. U just hit d nail on the head. Talk is over. #thumbsupdarlin.

  8. Amen! We need to understand that we are the prophets over our lives. God bless you for this!

  9. I thought I left a comment here .wow, my epistle gone.

    I have a friend who is super addicted as in it is crazy. She lives her life base on those false prophet prophecy.
    She left all her correct suitor base on lies told by the prophets. They didn't stop at that they even said her mother is doing her she has been brainwashed. I pity my friend.
    If you want to be her friend tell her you have this correct pastor who sees future only by looking at you. Omo you go be beastie by force. Yet she is just there,God forgive me Smh


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