Friday, 17 April 2015

Weeklong Review.

So the weekend is finally here. The long awaited Friday that we have always thanked God for is here at last.. But wait a minute, it baffles me how my own weekend is so busy( house chores, shopping for the coming week, events here and there, and so on) so what's the relaxation in it nah? #vexing face.
OK maybe because no early morning office run to make especially for lagosians ( I twuale for lagosians them dey try). Plus if you manage your time well you can still have some time to rest abi?
The part I love so much about weekends is when I get to hangout with friends you know I love to mingle *winks positively though.

OK enough of that let's see some of the events that occurred during the week.

The Orekoya Boys: Thank God that the boys have been found and the kidnapper nanny nabbed too. People get mind o she say nah family business hmmmm.

Engagements: Wedding bells are ringing for some people. #clapping. My friend Ivie Okujaye got engaged am so happy for her and her bobo cos the relationship don tayyyyy.

Miracle Baby: Heard a woman gave birth inside BRT bus hmmmm great God.

Politics: Is it true that a politician fainted in Edo on hearing that he did not win elections?

On chibok Girls: so sad to know that one year has gone by without a trace of them what a pity..

Extras: As you are reading this someone is trekking from Lagos to Abuja and has condemned 3 canvass already lol.. Plus the baptism of the sun these days nah wah.
Abeg the post is getting too long jare will end it here got an interesting article to share later.

Enjoy your day.

Catch ya later.


  1. Wooow good blog concept. Keep it up.

  2. lolz... Nice one Keep it up.. I think I also need to be doing something like this on my blog.

  3. @anonymous thanks, thanks.


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