Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Hi lovelies, how's the heat at your end? Mehnnnn the weather at my end can cook beans under 10mins.
I do hope non of our blog family had relatives that were victim of the SSouth Africa xenophobia attack? I pray let psalm 23 and 91 be a shield over us all...
My thoughts are so scattered today and as if that's not enough trouble (for me) look at what I stumbled into while going through a book. I try to figure it out but couldn't.
Read and see if you can grab anything from it..

Imagine how it would be if today knew not yesterday and tomorrow would not know today.
Think! Has yesterday's Euphoria freed today? If not: how then will tomorrow feel today's Euphoria? When: today generate none.
Hence if today is really enjoying yesterday's labor, whose labor will tomorrow enjoy?
Pls kindly tell today that tomorrow is dependant on its reminant, if any.
Yesterday! Why did you shift your issues to today?
Today! why have you accepted another's burden? How will you care for yours? And as a legacy, what will you pass on to tomorrow?
Tomorrow! Your burdens will probably be less..

What's your take on this?


  1. The words of the wise....I need to think deep about this...
    Thanks for commenting on my blog..God bless you plenty

  2. I didn't know when I pulled off my shirt in the salon while Making my hair. The heat is gangster.

  3. Lol my dear the heat is something else oo .thanks for stopping by..

  4. Please, dont get me started on this heat cos my end is hottest. Sometimes i feel like walking around without wearing anything. Chai.

  5. Mummy Gloria please am have problem to remember your blog name..... I just hope I won't forget again...

    Iya Immanuel (My mum)Stay in Pretoria in S.a but she is fine we spake almost everyday...

    Thank for Shearing.... About the sun?? me dey inside office since morning, so I don't know about that... lolz

    1. lolz see English. hahahahha. Did I type all those Grammar ???

  6. Lol @Immanuel you are funny. Thanks for stopping by. The name is Trendy Living Blog

  7. Hmmm that's really deep. Let me go and ponder on it

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