Sunday, 19 April 2015

Depend Solely On God..

Hello fam how are you all doing? Hope you are having a beautiful weekend?
Today is Sunday let's reflect on this we go to our various places of worship.

You will be successful if only you can depend solely on God. Depending on God means rejecting the devil and his empty promises. It means not depending on your ability to achieve success. It means not depending on friends and relatives for they may disappoint you but God will not.

When you depend on God your inabilities become abilities; they turn out to be your strongest points and impossible situations become possible. I have had times in life where friends abandoned me, I have had times where I get betrayed by friends I love so much but guess what? I wasn't discouraged even Jesus our perfect example was betrayed by an insider..

The negative lessons I have learnt in life have not stopped me from being "me" I stuck to my originality not minding how heartbroken I have been.
Never get discouraged when other are not seeing what you are seeing keep putting in your best and the outcome will amazed you. I spoke to a few about venturing into online blogging and I got the most negative response I have ever heard. The truth is for months I backed off until I got the revelation that only God holds the keys to my life. That is why today I can say that I have a dream that one day Trendy Living Blog will be a household name around the world..
I have a dream that I will impact my generation positively.

Do you have a dream?


  1. When you depend on God your inabilities become abilities. I love this so much. Thanks Gloria for the Inspiration.

  2. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing this post!

  3. Yes only you can encourage yourself most. Thanks for the write up.

  4. Hmmmmm...... thank you. Yes I have a dream!

  5. I have a dream!big dreams waiting to manifest?!I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN MY MAKER


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